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Luke 14:26 (NLT)

26 “If you want to be my disciple, you must, by comparison, hate everyone else—your father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters—yes, even your own life. Otherwise, you cannot be my disciple.
I just spent four hours watching "The Stand," on my computer. When Rodney Howard-Browne spoke he mentioned a number of instances of when his popularity was associated with the "Revival," around the nineties. One of the instances was where he spoke at Bob Nichols church in Fort Worth, Texas. I was there at many of those meetings there. He mentioned Lakeland, Florida, as well. I never saw him at his first visit to Lakeland, but I did visit him later when he returned to the church.
Lastly, he mentioned New York City, where he held a crusade in Madison Square Garden for six weeks. I was also there at the same time. In fact, it was quite an experience for me. I ended up camping in Central Park for five weeks. Fortunately, I didn't see my first New York rat until about the third week. 
I can still picture the huge fellow to this very day in my mind. It was a rainy day, so a number of them were driven from their nests. I had been sleeping in the park for something like three weeks previous and really had never even thought about rats. It was my first time in New York City. 
My campsite was just under the wall on the side of the park where these large Condos were across the street. I believe that John Lennon's previous residence was one of them. Anyway, to be hidden and to be safe, I thought, I had to sleep close to the entrances, right at the bottom of the wall. You see, it was lighted on the outside of the wall and then maybe a hundred or two feet into the park by the walkways. Therefore immediately under the wall on the inside there was cast a deep shadow that would extend approximately five feet. 
So, that was where I laid my ground cloth and sleeping bag at night in order to sleep. In other words, I slept right at the bottom of the wall where it was in shadow. 
I saw no problem with it for a few weeks, until as I mentioned there was a little downpour one day. So, there I am in the park and all of a sudden I see this rat scurrying along the wall. He gets about five feet from me and then scurries up a big bush type tree to the branches maybe three feet off the ground and just sits there staring at me with these pink rodent eyes. 
Well, I was just in shock and in awe because I have never seen a Cocker Spaniel the size of a rat!
I'm sorry, I meant a rat the size of a cocker spaniel. 
In fact, I saw a number of the "little" critters that day all scurrying against the wall.
So, I merely grab my ground cloth and pull my bedding where it was safe to fold it up. And then, I got the hell out of there as fast as I could. The next few days, I had little sleep, but at least it was on a Park Bench and not against the wall again. 
Eventually though, I had to tell the Lord that there was no other place in New York to sleep. I told him that since he protected me for three weeks without encountering a cocker spaniel; then he was going to have to continue to protect me again for the remainder of my time there. 
It was a supernatural event, however, because if you were to check the weather for those entire five weeks, I was never caught in the rain at night while sleeping. Actually, I think that day was the only day that it rained, as well. 
That was a rabbit trail, however. 
After hearing Pastor Browne tonight, I was reminded of New York. I was thinking that it must have taken a lot of "Faith," for a man to rent Madison Square Garden for five weeks. 
Lastly, I started to think that there must have been something contagious, as well, for me to take that challenge to go to New York City with barely a few dollars in my pocket. 
Tonight, I was reminded of what that was. 
I think tonight, I heard one of the most passionate sermons that I have ever heard in my life. I would highly recommend anyone to listen to Day 29, of "The Stand." 
I still don't agree with Pastor Browne that he ought to open up an African type crusade during this pandemic, and I personally believe that there may even be some deaths associated with the entire crusade, but I saw a glimpse of something spiritual tonight. 
You see, as I turned it on, I was praying for the people and I was praying for the success of it. This man is not my enemy, if his heart is truly intent on holding this crusade through a sincere belief in Jesus telling him too, then I am totally behind him. 
Tonight, as he spoke so passionately of this vision that he believes is from God, my attitude toward the man began to change. 
Later, I sensed something that I have never before experienced in the American church that was prophesied to happen. 
You see, when I was called by God to leave Detroit and to go to a college town where a full fledged Charismatic Community of young believers were trying to emulate the Early Church in the Book of Acts, I use to hear amazing Prophecy. 
This prophecy would make your hair stand on end. It would paralyze your entire being and cause the entire congregation to fall on their knees sometimes during worship.
This was mostly prophesy spoken about what was coming to America and the church. It was prophesy that told of First Century Christianity coming to America. It was prophesy warning us as Christians of a nation wide persecution of Christians.
It was prophesy speaking about the moral decline and the acceptance of perverted practices that would be adopted by our society. I am talking about 1976, when anything other than a union between a man and a woman was thought to be perverse. It was prophecy that told about the lawlessness that our society is embracing today, even to the point of casting off legal authorities and police departments. It was prophecy that warned of a time when righteousness in politics would be dismissed over the evil intent of men who despised and hated all Christian values. It was prophesy that spoke about a time in America when Christians would be persecuted as in the first century after Christ. 
I heard this kind of prophecy for three solid years, and took every word to my heart because it seemed as if every "word," actually pierced my heart. 
A few years later, however, I ended up in the evangelical Charismatic world of self aggrandizement. From that moment on about the only "Prophesy," that I have heard is about "Market Place Strategy."
Or Maybe, how the Lord is going to cause the transfer of those evil people's wealth out in the world to the really nice people in the church who call themselves leaders and have been practicing for decades how to live really lavish lifestyles.
Or, once in a while, some money hungry charlatan might prophesy a new mansion, Corvette, or private airplane to a possible benefactor to his ministry?
No, tonight, as I was listening to "The Stand," I had a glimpse of First Century Christianity, coming to America. 
You know what, there might be a few deaths through this crusade, but if this pastor can preach with the passion that he preached tonight, the crusade may not end. In fact, it might just strengthen it, and cause followers of Jesus to walk as followers of Jesus ought to have been walking through all of the "Fluff." of these past few decades.
What the church needs to embrace more than anything is the maturity of the early Christians and I believe that in order to do that you must be willing to give up your life, literally. 
By not counting your own life, but for the sake of others. 
If even a few seeds of Early Christianity are spread among a few, then I would consider it a great success, as compared to what we have today in America.
I think tonight might have even been a spark, or who knows, perhaps a little "cloud?"

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