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Matthew 7:24 (NASB)

24 “Therefore, everyone who hears these words of Mine, and acts on them, will be like a wise man who built his house on the rock.

I Have had a relatively short day today because I got up late. Nevertheless, I have had a thought all day that I can't escape and it deals with a scripture. 

I wrote a paper last night concerning a couple of "Spiritual Principles," that have repercussions for today's society. 
I used an example of the major cities that have been suffering from riots, shootings and activists hoping to burn them down. I explained that when the church fails "spiritually," it can affect situations "naturally." 

In my example, I was saying that if the church leaders of a city fail to properly watch over their people, or properly "Shepherd," spiritually than generally the practice will follow in the "natural," and be mirrored by it's politicians. 

I also pointed out that in the same city, many times, God is limited in what he can do. This is because if the "root," problem has also been attributed to the corrupt government of the church, so then it is up to the church to discipline itself. 

You see, God can't come down and correct those "Church Leaders," who are in league with the corrupt politicians of the city. 

In other words, Jesus gave the "Keys of the kingdom," or the "authority," of the church to discipline itself, therefore He can not discipline the church. 

If he had the ability, then he would have disciplined Church leaders, such as Jim Jones, David Koresh, an alternative lifestyle proclaimed "Church," that goes against His word or a number of Charismatic Churches that have long needed a "good slap on the head," as well as a better "kick," elsewhere?

So, all day long, I have had a passage go through my head, that I believe has been the "Holy Spirit," bringing it to my remembrance?

I presently have it written on my "home page" of Hisapostle.org, and I am not even sure how it got there?

I guess, at one time, I posted it with a paper and then maybe the paper got accidentally erased, yet the scripture remained?
I seriously don't know when or how it was posted, nevertheless, it is there and that is the scripture that has gone through my head all day with the thought that, It too, is a "Principle of the Kingdom of God."

Now the context of the scripture does not refer to resolving problems such as "the slaughter of the innocents," yet all day the beginning of the passage has kept reminding me of it, as I have thought of the problem in Chicago.

Perhaps, it is part of a "Heavenly Principle," as the other two that I wrote about. 

"First judgment, in God's house...

Before issues of the world can be resolved, to clear the way for God to intervene, "First judgment, in God's house...

In other words, I am not suggesting "Doctrine," here, but I am suggesting that "if we ever want God to intervene in the affairs of man, our own consciences must be cleaned knowing that we have done all that we are able to within the church. Thus, once we have done all, such as cleaning up "our own house," then we therefore make a "just" way for God to "intervene."

Do you understand what I am saying?

1 Peter 4:17  (NLT)

17 For the time has come for judgment, and it must begin with God’s household. And if judgment begins with us, what terrible fate awaits those who have never obeyed God’s Good News?

You see, every time that I have thought of the passage today, I have also thought of the City of Chicago, and all of the senseless shootings that have gone on there for the past few years. 

The senseless and tragic killings of these many children!

It is so sad!

And, as I have had the scripture in mind, I have thought about the 'Principle,' of first cleaning one's house. 

And so all day there has been a statement in my mind, such as a "fire in my bones," that has been crying out, and it is this: 
"Do you want to stop the killings of innocent Children in Chicago, then throw out the 'bums.'"

And since in my heart, I know that the Lord in this case, is not specifically talking here of the "Politicians," it has been followed by another statement in my mind, that says:
"I am not talking about the Politicians, I am talking about the corrupt Church leaders." 

And as God is my witness, this is the message that I believe the Chicago Prayer Warriors, need to hear. 

And the reason why I am putting this to "pen and ink" is because it has been as "Fire in my bones," as tonight I haven't any peace until I wrote it out. 

Lastly, right before I was to begin it, I had another thought, and that was this:

"Don't you dare cast your judgmental dispersions from your 'Mega Church' standings, because many of you are just as guilty of all of the deaths, as those who have operated corruptly from those pulpits in the inner cities." 

Yes, isn't it amazing how a "Mega Church," in the United States can have like forty three Campuses, yet they are only found in "Prosperous," allocated suburbs?

What a coincidence, but don't worry, at the annual Budget meeting they "Pray," over the whole city!


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